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ES-1 Software (updated Jan 24, 2002!)

I got tired of renaming 100 wave files at a time to put no the Smartmedia card for loading into the ES-1. I wrote a small utility that allows you to select a bunch of wave files, exports them to the destnation of your choice and renames the files for you (0.wav, 1.wav, ...., 99.wav)

Prerequisites: I believe Visual Basic 6 Runtime files from Microsoft are needed to run ES1Xfer:
(you will know if you get an error running the app, but may not be necessary since I do recall if I made calls to the VB runtime libraries)

Download (be sure to read the ES1Xfer.txt):
ES1Xfer.zip (only 14k!)

Version 1.01 Fixes file numbers less than 10 to correctly have 2 characters (01.wav, 02.wav, etc.)

I plan on eventually adding automatic re-sampling from 44.1kHz to 30kHz that the ES-1 uses.

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